Buy refurbished HPLC

What is HPLC?

First of all.... HPLC stands for High Pressure Liquid Chromatography. Liquid chromatography is performed with a HPLC system. The moving phase (eluent) is pumped under high pressure (up to 200 bar) through a highly packed column.

By means of high pressure and good contact with the stationary phase, a relatively high separation speed and a very good resolution are achieved. The running time can vary from 5 to 60 minutes for the measurement of one sample with HPLC.

What is refurbished?

The overhaul of materials is literally 'checking and repairing as necessary'. So the devices are fully checked and where necessary parts are replaced.

Refurbished is not the same as used 

Be critical when reading chromatography instruments, which are for sale as reconditioned (refurbished) or used. 

Refurbished is when an instrument is completely checked and where necessary, parts are replaced with original ones.  

Used is when an instrument is only cleaned at the outside and in working consition. So it is possible that the instrument has parts,  which are old and need to be replaced within a short period of time. 

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